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Why Choose Cruelty Free Products?

Why Choose Cruelty Free Products?


Cruelty-Free Products:
Both the product and its individual ingredients have not been tested on animals.

The most significant reason to choose cruelty-free products is to prevent the death and suffering of animals all around the world. Did you know that roughly 500,000 rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, rats, and mice die each year due to cosmetic testing alone?

You also may be surprised by how many of your favorite skin-care products may also be tested on animals! Animal tests for skin-care products include skin and eye irritation tests where chemicals are dripped into the eyes or rubbed onto the shaved skin of an animal, causing pain, blindness, bleeding, etc to innocent creatures. 

Animals have been used as test subjects for all kinds of skincare, haircare, makeup, bath, and body care products, too. The truth is, without animal ingredients products are actually better for your skin, especially if you have sensitive or acne-prone skin. Animal ingredients can be really harsh and clog your pores, causing unnecessary breakouts. 

Make sure you check for cruelty-free labels on the products you are buying. As seen on The Peach Body Coffee Body Scrub!

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The more that people are educated on the brutality of animal testing, the more that they will choose to say no to this practice, and the more chances we all have at making the world a kinder place. It only takes one person to start a revolution, so why not let that person be you? When you choose cruelty-free cosmetics, you become a source and example of absolute compassion to others.